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(Above) Steve Manning & 1968 Plymouth Sport Suburban station wagon

Station wagon enthusiast (Mopars a specialty)
Home is in metro area of Washington, D.C. USA

Qualifications:  The first car I ever drove was a 1963 Ford Fairlane station wagon.  I was working on that car before I could legally drive it!  The wagon above, now owned by me, was bought new by my father.   Although my career has nothing to do with cars, I have been working with and around cars for all of my life.  When I was growing up in the 1960's, I used to be able to tell each car and each model year apart.  The September new model introductions were a highlight.  I even had a Matchbox car that was a Mercury station wagon.

I have always tended towards the unusual when buying cars; I've lost count but I've probably owned about 40-50 cars by now.  As time permitted, I've done just about every mechanical task on a car, from fixing (and breaking) to upgrading.  I have a tremendous library of fix-it manuals for all sorts of different cars.  I also have a large reference library consisting of manufacturer brochures, encyclopedias, marque-specific books, etc.  I probably subscribe to 50-60 car magazines, and belong to 15-20 car clubs.  My car magazine collection dates back to the early 1970's. got started as an experiment on the Web; I never expected the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response I got from people who stopped by (even in the early days when the site was small and crude).  This site has turned out to be a cooperative effort between myself and those who stop by the site and donate their knowledge in the form of stories, pictures, or whatever else.  Please help keep alive and kicking by 'donating' in some form or fashion, even if it consists of just sending an e-mail.

Wagons ho!...........Steve Manning, May 1998

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