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1990 Audi 200 turbo quattro wagon:

Wheel comparison

Above: Original 15" BBS mesh wheels; 205/60-15 tires
Pluses: OE, classic, elegant, well-made.
Minuses: real pain to clean; only 15"

Audi_wheels_5k.jpg (27391 bytes)

Above: Stock 15" wheels from 1988 Audi 5000tq; 205/60-15 tires
Pluses: OE Audi, easy to clean, simple
Minuses: still only 15", not 'striking'

Audi_wheels_A8.jpg (28413 bytes)

Above: Stock 16" wheels from 1998 Audi A8; 205/55-16 tires
Pluses: OE Audi, 16", very easy to clean, classic & striking design
Minuses: none yet.....

More info on the A8 rims above:
Manufacturer - Speedline; part #SL 1253
Audi part #4D0-601-025-L
Size - 7Jx16 H2, ET37, 5x112 bolt circle
Center caps - Audi part #8D0-601-170-A

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