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1963 Rambler American 330 2-door station wagon
Picture/owned by Ron Helderman

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I really like this wagon.....I'll let Ron tell the story in his own words:

My father had passed away in March of 1963 and Mother needed a wagon for her antique shop in Cambridge City, Indiana. My brother and I took Mother car shopping and she selected a new red two-door Rambler American 330 station wagon. Mother liked the bright red because, like a red fire truck, it would be easier seen and safer. During the next five years the wagon was used to haul antiques and made several trips to Chicago and carried a new grandson home from a Chicago hospital in 1964.

Mother remarried in '68 to a large man who drove Buick Electras (he wouldn't fit in the American), and Mother only used the wagon for trips to the hairdresser. After Stepfather died, Mother and her red wagon came to Richmond, Indiana, and lived in a small apartment near me. I kept the car in good running order, and Mother rode in it often, even the week of her passing in 1987.

When I received the Little Red Wagon, it was in good condition with 37,000 miles on it and the second set of tires. Now the wagon has been repainted, has new carpet in the tailgate area and the flathead engine detailed. She has participated in national shows in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Kenosha and Madison, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; Denver (near Philadelphia), Pennsylvania; Winchester, Virginia; and Indianapolis, Indiana. She is driven to the shows and has less than 56,000 miles. At all shows, local and national, she draws attention and has earned over 50 awards. At shows, people always have a smile for the little wagon and a story about a Rambler that was in their family. The Little Red wagon was Mother's only new car, and she loved her little friend. Mother would not be surprised at the attention given to "Mother's Little Red Wagon" as she always knew it was a gem.

Ron & Donna Helderman - 4/13/98

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