1966 Ford Fairlane
Pictures courtesy of owner Robert S. Cascaddan

From the owner: "I bought our `66 Ford Fairlane 8-passenger wagon on 5/22/95 for $5. That is not a misprint!  I had found it sitting in the parking lot of a school across the street from the owner's house.  He was the second owner and had owned the car for 15 years (purchased 1980).  It was his wife's car and when she died he had tried to sell it. It didn't sell and he let the registration lapse.  It then sat in the school's parking lot for the next year.  It needed some work, but I drove it home and put less than $600 into it before putting it back on the road.  It had a sticking lifter, which is still sticking today.  I replaced the motor mounts, did a brake job, replaced wheel and axle bearings, had the radiator rebuilt, and had the turnsignal switch replaced ($150!).  The wagon has the original paint, the original interior, and a 289 v-8 that I believe has never been rebuilt.  It is a very rare wagon.  When I purchased it, it had 133,000 original miles on it.  It has been our family's main transportation for the almost three years since.  It even made a trip from Portland, OR to Orem, UT last spring.  It is now approaching 150,000 original miles."

1966 Ford Fairlane
Pictures courtesy of owner Bill Silvey Wrightsville Beach, NC

More information from Bill - "Here are some pictures of my 1966 Ford Fairlane station wagon. I bought it from a little old lady who lived all her life at the beach (she was the original owner).  She paid $75.00 a month until she paid it off. The total after pay off with interest was $2700.00. This wagon has a 289 v-8 with a c4 green dot transmission and it runs very strong.

This wagon also features what was called the magic doorgate which refers to the tailgate which will open like a door or a tailgate. This was the first year any wagon featured this style tailgate. Dodge did not offer this type until 68' and GM in 69'. This wagon is excellent for taking everybody surfing (that's me sitting on the tailgate) or pulling the boat down to the ramp!"

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