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1967 Mercedes-Benz 230S Universal (station wagon)
Picture courtesy of owner Bill Wachsmuth

Some history from Bill:  "In the 1950's and 60s, there were three coach builders converting a Mercedes-Benz into a wagon - Binz, Miessen, and IMA.   IMA was the only company officially used by D-B.  Even though most of the body was not built by D-B, you could order it from the D-B factory. Most specialty cars, though, were built as hearses and ambulances.  A conversion added about 35% to the cost of the car's price so wagons were rare then and rarer now.  As this is an S class, it would have cost over $6K in 1967 dollars- about twice the cost of a new Mustang!   Our car is a 1967 Mercedes 230S Universal - the largest wheelbase in the Universal/Estate line. This wagon's coachbuilder was IMA in Brussels, Belgium."

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