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The 1968 Plymouth Suburban Owner's Gallery

The 1968 Plymouth Sport Suburban station wagon serves as the 'role model' for, since it was the wagon that most influenced us at, and because it fits the classic definition of 'station wagon' (big cargo space, big block engine, rear-wheel drive, wood paneling on the sides!). far as I know, a 1968 Plymouth Sport Suburban wagon appears in only one movie - Bullitt, with Steve McQueen.  It is on-screen for just a few seconds.  Watch for when Steve is watching the cab go through the carwash.  He then gets in the cab, and when he gets out for the first time, the '68 is in the background.

These two are mine - both '68 Sport Suburbans. The rusty one on the left was bought new by my father. He special-ordered it with many options - 440 Commando 4V engine, 727 auto trans, 3.23 SureGrip rear, power brakes & steering, a/c, 6-way power seat, rear third seat, headrests, bumper guards, etc. I have full documentation on the car, including the original bill of sale, window sticker, service records, and CertiCard.

The other car I found in 1996 in Tennessee. It is also a Sport Suburban, with a 383 2V, auto, a/c, power steering & brakes, Cragar mags, and a clean body.


68FURY_Tabitha.jpg (26649 bytes) OK, so this isn't a '68 Plymouth, but we made a special exception....this 1967 Plymouth Fury II wagon is owned by Tabitha Mitchell of Austin, Texas.  She purchased this wagon in 1996 (it probably had three previous owners).   The engine has been rebuilt.  It was no doubt a garage kept car because 31 years later it still looks sharp with its original paint.  The original interior is still completely intact, with the exception of a rip on the driver's side seat caused by a careless mechanic with a screwdriver poking out of his pocket.  The original owners chose some strange options when they purchased this car.  For instance, a beautiful (and rare) shiny roof rack but no power brakes!


This is Daniel Babbitt's '68 Plymouth Suburban. He's doing a "driver" restoration. It's got the factory 383 2bbl & a 727 transmission. The exterior is gold, with light & dark green interior.


This is John Deecken's "Wonder Wagon". He customized it during the '70's. I'll let him tell the story: " parents gave it to me (it had been the family car) to keep me from buying a '52 DeSoto that I was considering. I put little car logos on the door for each fender bender I "encountered". The thick phoney white walls are visible in one of the photos although quite dirty. The cheesy thing painted on the huge dent in the rear right q-panel is supposed to be a wing. (I did not do drugs at this time!). A mack bulldog graces the hood, but when that was ripped off I put on a Rolls Royce lady. Lots of cheap fur in the inside too! The "W" sticker in the rear window was "wonder wagon"'s monogram. The "CC" sticker was for my CB handle "Commander Courageous". These photos are from late 1976 to early 77."


This is Lee Erickson's '68 Custom Suburban. He's looking for a few items for it if anyone has them - the rear aluminum trim piece in between the taillights, and a roof rack. E-mail him at if you can help.


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