1972 Hurst/Olds Vista Cruiser station wagons

1972_Hurst_Olds_Vista_Cruiser.jpg (35049 bytes)

ABOVE - Press car for the 1972 Indianapolis 500
Owned by Ashley Jones
Picture courtesy of Jay Adeff

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ABOVE - Ambulance for the 1972 Indianapolis 500
Owned by Todd Harroun, of Kalamazoo, MI
Picture courtesy of Jay Adeff

Here's some more information about these two wagons, courtesy of Greg Pruett:

GM originally shipped the cars to Hurst.

Judging by the background scenery these pictures were taken at the Oldsmobile Centennial celebration last August 1997.

I'm a little fuzzy on how the story behind them goes.  As I understand it, Hurst (not Oldsmobile) provided the pace car for the `72 Indy 500.  They outfitted some Cutlass convertibles with H/O packages and Indy decals to fit the bill.  In addition they outfitted some Vista Cruisers with the same equipment as the pace car(s). The wagons were used for doctor cars and press cars.  Odds are these are the ones, I can't say for sure they're not copies though.

I have some pictures of these cars too but I don't have them scanned, they're in a drawer somewhere at the moment.  I do have one interior pic I shot of the car that's in a pile of papers here on the desk. It's fully loaded, power windows, buckets/console, rallye pack, sport wheel, 8-track, AC, and a Hurst shifter, possibly a dual-gate. It also has an H/O indy 500 pace car plaque on the dash where the little "Vista Cruiser" emblem normally goes. As far as I could tell the cars are in pristine condition, velvet pillow and all that.....

Anywayz, Hurst did outfit some Vista Cruisers for the 1972 Indy 500. Very rare...and odds are very fast too. :)

Thanks to Greg for sharing this information..........SLM

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