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1980 Ford Fairmont station wagon
Pictures courtesy original owner Fred Farkel

1980 Ford Fairmont station wagon
ictures courtesy owner Chris Marzoli of Rochester, NH

More info from Chris: "200 1-bbl inline six, 4-speed manual floor shift, bucket seats, full instrumentation. Black with red vinyl interior. No A/C, no power steering. My father custom ordered this car in September 1979- it was equipped for fuel economy. To this day it will still get 29MPG under optimum driving conditions. I still drive the car every day. It now had just over 140,000 miles and runs perfect."

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1980 Ford Fairmont station wagon
(ABOVE) Picture from Ford Motor Company brochure courtesy of Fred Farkel

(BELOW) Picture of original window sticker from Fred Farkel's 1980 Fairmont

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