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1990 Ford Taurus station wagon (Norwegian version)
Picture courtesy owner Jan Asle Sele of Voll, Norway

More information on this interesting wagon from Jan:

The car is a 1990 Ford Taurus 3.0 GL, bought new in Norway (it was sold for a few years before the European Scorpio wagon was introduced, but due to a very steep price, not many were sold). I'm the third owner. It's registered with two seats only, as a "delivery van", as it's called, and on green license plates (the regular ones are white); this is because of relatively weird Norwegian car taxes (a station wagon with two seats and a wall behind the seats, can be had for half the price of a "regular" wagon, if it is over a certain size). As you can see, the rear side windows have been replaced with black fibreglass boards, which I think was mandatory to get it registered with green plates in 1990. Apart from that, it's pretty much like your average American Taurus, except that the regular rear view mirrors have been replaced by large, black mirrors from the European Scorpio, and some of the rear lights have been changed - this is also due to Norwegian regulations. The Taurus is a very rare car in Norway, and is considered a luxury car, because it was very expensive when new, due to our high taxes on cars (heavy cars with big engines, like the Taurus, get very high taxes).

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