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1995 Audi RS2 Avant (New Zealand)
Owned/pictures by Dave Eaton

Made by Audi; massaged by Porsche
Built at Porsche's factory at Zuffenhausen, Germany
Engine: 5 cyl 2.2 20v turbocharged w/intercooler (315bhp)
Porsche modified engine & added 968 Club Sport brakes, 17" wheels, door mirrors, special dampers
0-30mph in 1.5 seconds (faster than McLaren F1); 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds
(0-60mph time of 4.8 as measured by Autocar in 3rd august 1994 issue)
163mph max speed
Quattro all-wheel-drive
6-speed manual trans w/Torsen center diff

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