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1990 Audi 200 turbo quattro wagon

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This is a picture of my car in the parking lot of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana USA (home of the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400). This picture was taken about two weeks before the 1997 Brickyard 400; in the background you can see part of the grandstands and the track. On the far left you can see a white car; it was one of the pace cars for the Brickyard 400 that they were out 'exercising' at the time.

Click here to see what two other wheels look like on the car.

Click here to see before/after photos for my V8 rear taillight conversion.

Following is a spreadsheet of things I've fixed on my car. (Yes, I know it's long). Hopefully it will help you either when you are looking at an '88-'91 200, or give you part #'s for the one you already have.

Please take the cost of the parts with a grain of sand. You can find them cheaper, and you can pay more. You will at least get an idea of the relative cost. If you have done work to your '89-'91 200 that isn't included here, email me and I will add them to this list so they will help others.

Air filter - replace 021-129-620 $12 PIA, but DIY
Battery - check/replace DieHard International Group 41 $75 Must include ventilated cover
Belts, accessory - replace 034-903-137-A; 034-260-849; 068-260-849 $25/$12/$12 (OE)
Brake fluid - flush/replace Castrol LMA or ATE Super Blue $2-$7/quart
Brake, parking - adjust New left rear caliper 447-615-424 $135 (rebuilt) Careful where you order - rebuild quality varies
Brakes, front - replace pads/rotors Stock (447-615-301B) w/spiral grooves & 419-GR CC pads Rotors $50/apiece; Pads $170 Get from Weston Motorsports
Brakes, master cylinder 441-611-021-A $200
Brakes, hydraulic accumulator - replace 443-612-061H $250-$400 Fairly simple DIY
Brakes, rear - replace pads/rotors Stock (443-615-601B) w/spiral grooves & 228-BL CC pads Rotors $45; Pads $90 Get from Weston Motorsports
Brakes, rear - hoses 8D0-611-775-D $30
Breather hoses (1 of 3) - replace 034-103-221-L $50 Crankcase to valve cover
Breather hoses (2 of 3) - replace 034-103-247-D $19 3-opening tee; top of valve cover
Breather hoses (3 of 3) - replace 034-103-221-BJ $25 From tee to intake boot
Climate control, recirc flap - fix 443-271-241 (spring); 200-271-200 (bracket); N-013-966-26 (screw) $15 Lots of labor under dash (2 hours)
Climate control, temp flap regulator motor - replace 443-820-511-A $100 Lots of labor under dash (2 hours)
Coolant, engine - flush/replace Prestone 5/50 phosphate-free; reservoir 8AO-121-403-A; short hose below thermo 034-121-063-C; block to heater valve 443-819-371-Q $8 (Prestone); $50 (reservoir); $12 (short hose); $30 (block to heater valve hose)
Defroster, rear window - switch 4A0-941-503-01C $16
Differential lock - check/fix n/a DIY Usually vacuum leak; DIY
Driveshaft, center bearing - grease Mobil 1 synthetic grease $2
Exhaust, hangers - check n/a DIY
Exterior - wax P21s varies
Exterior, bumpers - clean white stuff Peanut oil Cheap! Get at grocery store
Exterior, pass. side 'D' window molding 445-853-304-B $72 Gets 'wavy' and deformed
Front end - align n/a $75 4-wheel align
Fuel filter - replace 893-133-511 (Bosch 0450-905-133 015); N-013-814-2 (washers) $25
Fuel injection, test plug - missing 049-133-777B $15 Not *really* necessary, but…
Fuel pump - replace 0580-254-023 (Bosch); N904-64402 (o-ring around pump) $150
Gas w/Techron additive - fill Techron $5
Gearbox/diff fluid - replace Redline MT-90 (trans); 75w-90 (diff) $8/quart
Headlights - check/adjust n/a DIY
Heater fan - check/replace 443-959-101A $120-$200
Idle stabilizer valve - clean n/a DIY Use carb cleaner
Idle/full throttle switch - replace 0280-120-308 (Bosch) $40 Take apart & try fixing it yourself first
Injectors, fuel 035-133-551-F $65
Inspection, state - pass n/a varies
Intercooler, hose from turbo 035-145-760 $22
Intercooler, hose to throttle body 034-145-720 $90 Won't last long w/upgraded boost
Interior, headliner - clean Dri-Clean (Westley) $3 Careful when cleaning; headliner stretches
Interior, leather - clean/preserve Lexol $7
Interior, mats - clean/replace n/a varies
Key, master - order depends on car $12
License plate holder, front - install 443-807-287-A-01C $20 including nuts & bolts
Lock, drivers door - loose mechanism $20-$40 misc parts Lots of labor taking apart door
Oil - change Mobil 1 15w-50 $4/quart
Oxygen sensor - replace 13013 (Bosch) $120 w/harness; $50 generic
Paint, touch-up - fix chips $2 Find close match
Pentosin - flush/replace Pentosin G-002-000 $7/liter Also done w/filter w/bomb replacement
Radiator, thermoswitch - replace 191-959-481-C $12
Radiator, upper/lower hoses - replace 447-121-101-H (upper); 447-121-055-B (lower) $60 (upper); $10 (lower)
Register/title, state n/a depends
Sensors, coolant & multifunction - replace 049-919-501 (1-wire); 035-919-369S (2-wire); 034-919-369C (multifunc) $20; $30; $55
Spare tire/jack - check & re-arrange n/a DIY
Stereo - clean cassette n/a DIY
Sunvisor, driver's side 441-857-551-A-8RJ $110
Tailgate shocks - replace 445-827-551 $35 + DIY
Thermostat - replace 069-121-113 $20
Timing belt - replace 074-109-019 $50 (OE) Every 60k…also replace water pump
Tires - replace Your choice! varies Stock size 205-60-15
Tuneup, wires/cap/rotor/plugs - replace Cap 03239; wires 09008; rotor 04170; plugs W7DTC (all Bosch) $18 (cap); $6 (rotor); $50 (wires); $2 (plugs/each)
Turbo, blowoff valve Bosch 0280142102 $20 Not standard part - add if you increase boost
Washer, rear window 445-955-957-A (jets); 445-955-726-A (retainer) $8/$3
Water pump - replace 034-121-004X $80 (OE) Replace along w/timing belt
Window switch 4A0-959-855-A-01C $30
Windshield - clean Griot's Windshield Polish $6 Don't use on mirrors
Windshield, front/rear wipers - replace Bosch 21" $8
Windshield, washer fluid - check/replace Prestone $2
Windshield, washer jets - adjust n/a DIY

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